The editorial section shows a collection of articles that I wrote over the years for various magazines +/or museums publications (of which I kept the right to re-publish them digitally). Furthermore there is a list of links to articles that I find helpful or interesting to deepen the understanding for the traditional + contemporary weaving culture in north Africa in general + the Moroccan Berber rugs + textiles in particular. 

 kunstforum exhibition 2003  antique + traditional Moroccan rugs  white giants. traditional rugs from the Beni Ouarain + the neighbouring tribes  vintage rugs from the Azilal region, the Ourika valley + the central High Atlas  earth + moon. traditional kilms from the Ourika valley
kunstforum moroccan rugs white giants Azilal rugs earth + moon
boucherouite Berber rag rugs  boucherouite Berber rag rugs
 Berber rugs 2016: a market analysis tie dye berber veils from the Beni Ouarain / Ahel Telt 
 rag rugs

 post punk pink

  Berber rugs 2016  Berber veils


Kunst-Stück: 'Boucherouite – Marokko + der Rest der Welt', Aurelia Jurtschitsch, 2012 03 12

The New York Times: 'Wild, Not Wooly, Berber Rugs', Holland
Cotter, 2010 07 22

The New York Times: 'Wild, Not Wooly, Berber Rugs', Holland Cotter, 2010 07 22

Article about the vertical Berber loom (French) including a link to the original print PDF.
Linguistique et technologie culturelle : L’exemple du métier à tisser vertical berbère.
Claude Lefébure in Techniques et culture, Bulletin de l’Équipe de recherche 191 (3) 1978 : 84-148


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