vintage moroccan berber carpets

Please view a constantly updated selection of vintage Moroccan tribal carpets of highest quality with a special focus on white or cream ground Beni Ouarain rugs in the 'berber' section. The items in the 'past highlights' section are meant to be a catalogue site of very special items that I am still proud of having handled them in the past.... but which are already sold. You may however refer in a request also to particular pieces that you found there. My current stock comprises ca. 300 carpets so it is quite likely to find a piece of a similar character. I would do my best to find you a piece as requested.

vintage moroccan berber kilims
Please view a carefully curated selection of exceptional vintage Moroccan tribal kilims of highest quality in the 'kilim' section. My stock comprises a couple of dozens of kilims ranging from rare historic collectibles from the 19th century (mostly from southern Morocco + the Middle Atlas), through rare minimal examples from different regions to very practical, reasonably priced pieces.

VINTAGE BOUCHEROUITE RAG RUGS from MOROCCO  >> 'boucherouite rag rugs'

vintageMoroccan boucherouite rag rugs

We are proud to present a fine selection of carefully chosen boucherouite rag rugs in this place.
You can find extensive background information on this type of Moroccan recycling rugs in the 'editorial' section of the website in the articles 'boucherouite / rag rugs ' + 'Post Punk Pink' which contain the main texts of the two catalogues we brought out on this subject in November 2009 + November 2010. The catalogues can be purchased through the 'books + catalogues' section.


VINTAGE  CARPETS: other nomadic rugs + vintage European carpets >> 'non berber'

vintageeuropean + nomadic rugs
There is a  smaller selection of other tribal rugs + weavings as well as a choice of vintage European designer carpets from the Art Déco, the Modernist period + vintage carpets from the 1960ies - 70ies in the 'non berber' section. This collection is not very systematical + much more reflects a personal taste + choice of pieces that I fell in love with for different reasons. Vintage carpets by famous designers such as Verner Panton or Marianne Richter may meet there with modern hand loomed Scandinavian rya rugs from Sweden + Finland, anonymous modernist hooked rugs or wild tribal  rugs from central Asia.

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